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life is very interesting n wonderful. there are numberless beautiful n attractive things. they make life interesting, meaningful n attractive. but there are many things also which are ugly n annoying. thus, life is a mixed affair. it is full of sweet, enjoyable n beautiful things. at the same time there are sufferings, diseases, troubles n tears. there are many things i like n many others which i dislike n hate. but all of this increase my knowledge n experience about my life.

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Friday, 3 February 2012

im not a superwoman

im not a superman coz im a woman
n for sure im not a superwoman
 coz i'm not too tough n i'm not too strong

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susulemakmanis said...

be strong dear!

Teenager Housemaid said...


fa said...

insyaallah, although im not a superwoman but i will be strong coz Allah is always by my side ^^ thanks ya :)

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